Blue Monday by Nicci French

book cover of Blue Monday by Nicci French


I just read psychological thriller Blue Monday by Nicci French, which drew me in so much that I read the entire book in two days.

It’s the story of Londoner Alan Dekker, haunted by dreams of a freckled, red-haired boy, the son he always wanted but could never have. When psychotherapist Freida Klein discovers the boy’s description matches that of little Matthew Faraday, who has just been kidnapped, she alerts the police. They realize the case mirrors that of five-year-old Joannie Vine, who was kidnapped twenty years before and never found.
A tale of dysfunctional families and shattering loss, Blue Monday has plot twists that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Have you read Blue Monday? What did you think? What other mysteries are you reading?

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