Turning to Mysteries: Parker Field by Howard Owen


parker field howard owen

What better way to celebrate spring and the start of baseball season than by reading Parker Field, a mystery about baseball? Especially when the book is written by Richmonder Howard Owen, who is one of the founders of James River Writers, a local writing group.

In the novel, Owen brings back his crusty protagonist Willie Black, a newspaper reporter who drinks too much, smokes too much, is thrice-divorced, and works in an industry reeling from downsizing and budget cuts.

Willie investigates the shooting of Les Hacker, the boyfriend of Willie’s marijuana-addicted mother. Les was a member of the 1964 Richmond Virginians, a minor-league baseball team. As Willie digs into the story, he discovers that other members of the Vees are dying under mysterious circumstances, and realizes that the sins of the past can fester into an unceasing appetite for revenge.

Parker Field will especially appeal to Richmonders as it mentions many well-known locales, including Virginia Commonwealth University, Monroe Park, Oregon Hill, and the Penny Lane Pub.

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