Travel Tips: St. Martin

st martin odds madness march

Money Grab has several scenes set in the Caribbean Island of St. Martin, which is half French and half Dutch (St. Maarten). The French side has topless and nude (Orient Bay) beaches and marvelous restaurants. The Dutch side has cruise ships, casinos and festive street markets. Parts of the island are incredibly lush, with beautiful flowers and immaculate landscaping. Others are dry and parched, inhabited mainly by goats foraging by the side of the road. From St. Martin you can take a ferry to St. Bart’s, another gorgeous island.

On our second St. Martin trip we stayed at Le Petit Hotel, a charming boutique hotel which offers a secluded beach, a scrumptious breakfast to enjoy on your own balcony, and free transportation to amazing dining spots on Restaurant Row. There I first encountered spiny lobsters, which have the longest antennae I have ever seen. I named a casino in Money Grab “The Spiny Lobster” in their honor.

st martin odds madness march

What are some of your favorite travel spots? I look forward to hearing about them on Facebook.

st martin odds madness march

st martin odds madness march

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