Happy National Read a Book Day!

Today is National Read a Book Day! To celebrate, I recommend you try The Switch by Joseph Finder.

switch joseph finder

I’ve been a Joseph Finder fan ever since Company Man and High Crimes. A New York Times best-selling author, Finder is known for writing fast-paced plots with high levels of intrigue. In The Switch, Finder explores a situation that could happen to any of us: rushing through an airport security check, businessman Michael Tanner picks up his laptop, only to realize when he gets home that he grabbed the wrong one. The computer he now has belongs to a U.S. senator and contains top secret files.

The senator is desperate to get her computer back, knowing she will be ruined politically if the public discovers she illegally copied classified documents. She charges her chief of staff, Will Abbott, with recovering the laptop. He bungles the task, and soon the National Security Agency, as well as Russian mobsters, are hunting Tanner to retrieve it.

An appealing thriller, The Switch is also a cautionary tale about computer security and the challenge of locking down your secrets in an internet-connected world.

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