Turning to Mysteries: Vineyard Victims by Ellen Crosby

vinyard victims ellen crosby
[Source: Amazon]
Ellen Crosby’s mystery Vineyard Victimshas just been nominated for a Mary Higgins Clark award! This is Crosby’s eighth book in her Wine Country Mystery series, featuring Lucie Montgomery as the owner of a Virginia-based vineyard.

Lucie is forced off a rain-slicked road by former presidential candidate Jamie Vaughan.

He crashes into the gates of the Montgomery Estate Vineyard, the site of Lucie’s own near-fatal car crash ten years before. As his car bursts into flame, he pleads with Lucie to “tell Rick to forgive me.”

Struggling to determine whether this was an accident or suicide, Lucie investigates a group of Vaughan’s friends with a shared history they want to remain secret. She puts herself in danger as she follows the clues to discover a link with a 30-year old murder.

In Vineyard Victims, Crosby brings back familiar characters in this solid addition to her mystery series. Fans will not be disappointed.

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