Let’s Say Goodbye to Winter

Winter this year has been cold and snowy and long. I’m ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures, so Robbie Bradford and I are heading south to cruise the Amazon River. We’ll have some fun pictures to share with you in the next newsletter.

But first, some final memories of winter. The temperature dropped to three below zero on January 7, 2018, the coldest temperature in Richmond in 33 years. My rhododendron shriveled into brittle leaves as it fought the cold. Snow blanketed our yard.

winter virginia

We kept waiting (in vain) for a warmer night to visit the beautiful Christmas lights at Lewis Ginter. Running out of time before the exhibit closed, we joined a group of William & Mary alums in January for a tour. The temperature hovered around 10 degrees as we were led through the gardens and quickly snapped pictures.

Bulbs sent as Christmas gifts by our in-laws provided some much-needed indoor beauty and color, in contrast to the monochromatic cold outside. We enjoyed tulips, hyacinths and amaryllis throughout January and February.

February also brought Mardi Gras, a good reason to brave the cold and celebrate. A friend hosted a wonderful Fat Tuesday lunch and gave us gorgeous home-made cookies as favors.

mardi gras cookies

Near the middle of the month, a few warm days (interspersed with yet more cold and rain) brought forth some hardy crocus, giving us hope that the worst of winter is behind us and the warmer days of spring are on their way.

winter virginia daffodils

What’s blooming in your yard? Post some pictures on Facebook.

What are some of your favorite travel spots? I look forward to hearing about them on Facebook.

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