Turning to Mysteries: The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths

elly griffiths crossing places

The Crossing Places by British writer Elly Griffiths is the first book in her Ruth Galloway mystery series. Ruth is a 39-year-old professor of forensic archeology who lives alone with her cats in a remote area of England called the Saltmarsh, which was sacred to its Iron Age inhabitants.

Ruth loves sequins and bling but always dresses in dark baggy trousers and loose jackets to better disguise her weight. She also is avoiding her parents, who want her to get married and start a family.

Detective Harry Nelson enlists Ruth’s help when human bones are unearthed in the Saltmarsh. She then gets drawn into two additional cases of missing girls.

The book is an engaging mix of plot and character, and a compelling start to the series.

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